SnapNrack develops flashing-free solar attachment that secures to roof decking

SnapNrack, a manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, has launched its SpeedSeal over-the-shingle fasteners to attach to the roofing. The company now offers SpeedSeal DeckFoot for its Ultra Rail Roof Mount System and SpeedSeal DeckTrack for the RL Universal Roof Mount System.

SnapNrack’s SpeedSeal DeckFoot

The rafter-independent fixing is secured by the well-known installation process of filling the cavities of sealant and fixing the fixings directly to the roof deck. SnapNrack’s patent-pending SpeedSeal uses the power of the hardware installation to force the sealant into the voids, screw holes and irregularities of the roof surface. The sealant vents provide a good seal in case of excess sealant, creating a lasting 100% watertight seal.

The new SnapNrack SpeedSeal DeckFoot and DeckTrack expand roof mounting options by providing structural roof fixings without the need to locate and secure trusses. Following in the footsteps of SnapNrack’s first SpeedSeal products, the DeckFoot and DeckTrack eliminate the need to pry shingles, minimizing damage and disruption to the roof, while speeding up the installation process.

Both SpeedSeal DeckFoot and SpeedSeal can be attached to special roof structures without standard trusses, including TJIs, metal trusses, tongue and groove and fabricated houses.

SnapNrack is now accepting orders for the new SnapNrack SpeedSeal DeckFoot and SpeedSeal DeckTrack with standard order turnaround times.

News item from SnapNrack

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