SunPower SunVault battery now accepted in VPP programs, first through ConnectedSolutions

SunPower’s SunVault Energy Storage System can now be used in virtual power plant (VPP) setups, allowing customers to get paid for allowing their utility to use stored energy during peak demand.

Through the SunPower VPP, SunPower coordinates battery charging and discharging for participating customers, sharing energy with the utility on their behalf, while allocating some electricity in the battery for backup power to the home when needed. Customers are notified before the battery is discharged and can choose to bypass or pre-set their system so that their personal backup does not fall below a certain level. In return, customers are compensated by the utility for their participation.

“Battery storage gives homeowners energy independence and control over their household even as power outages and outages increase,” said Peter Faricy, CEO of SunPower. “With the SunPower VPP, our customers can choose to participate in programs that help stabilize the electrical grid for their community while also offsetting the cost of their system. Citizens and utilities working together to provide reliable and renewable energy is the future of the grid.”

SunPower’s SunVault is approved for use by eligible customers served by Eversource and National Grid in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut through the Connected Solutions program. Those enrolled in ConnectedSolutions will have the opportunity to participate during their local utility’s VPP season, which runs from June through September each year.

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