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Photo by State Technical College of Missouri

The demand for well-paid jobs in the skilled crafts is growing.

And you don’t need to have a four-year degree to get started.

The president of the Missouri State Technical College in Linn, Missouri, says he sees more students earning technical degrees.

“With a good technical education you can do many different things. You may not be as pigeonholed as you think you are. So just do something you think you would enjoy.”

Shawn Strong says skilled workers are in high demand — and the pay is good.

‘You stay there for two years. You come in a cohort. You are more than likely going to graduate. You’re probably at A+, so you’ll most likely not be in debt when you graduate. And you go out and you’re going to make somewhere between $15 and $30 dollars an hour on the first day.

Strong went to school for HVAC.

“As long as you have a good technical background, you can switch from career to career. That’s something that people hang on to a bit. They think that as long as I study HVAC, that’s all I can do. Well, I myself studied HVAC and now I am a university president.”

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce says there is a need for more skilled workers as older workers retire.

There are currently many high paying jobs available that do not require a four-year degree.

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