This Alexa smart faucet is the coolest smart home device I’ve ever used

My family and I realized we needed a new kitchen when, at the start of the pandemic, the handle on our pull-out faucet broke. Although we had collected a temporary replacement together, our 1980s-built kitchen around us continued to crumble. Now, a few months after us DIY smart home renovation, the circle is complete: I just bought one of the smartest, most versatile sink faucets on the market.

Moen has always been known for faucets, but the U by Moen sub-brand has become a major player for sanitary systems-based smart home appliances. The company’s smart faucets not only help control the flow of water to kitchens and sinks, but they also package motion sensors and pair with Alexa or Google Assistant so that you can also operate them with your voice.

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