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Roofs are a part of the house that not many people take into account. Of course, many homeowners see their roofs as another part of their exterior and find that occasional maintenance is enough. However, roofs have their own unique qualities and characteristics. Different roofing materials offer their own specific degree of durability and protection against wind and rain. Anyone interested in revitalizing or upgrading their roof for better weather protection, for better appeal, or as a DIY home project should check out these different types of roofing materials to consider.

Asphalt Shingles

Perhaps the most common type of roofing material today is asphalt shingles. They are versatile for many weather conditions, they can withstand medium winds and they typically have a low initial cost. They also come in different colors. Yet they also have their share of notable issues. They need to be replaced constantly, especially after severe wind storms; they are prone to moisture damage; and they can break off and injure unwitting homeowners.

Clay and concrete

Clay or concrete tiles are also great roofing materials. They are stylish, durable and last a long time. One of the main drawbacks of clay tiles is that they require professional installation. Since clay or concrete tiles are heavy, DIYers risk incorrect installation, which could result in injury or death. That’s not to say the pros outweigh the cons – these tiles are natural heat absorbers and they can make any farmhouse look like a Spanish or Mediterranean palace.


Metal roofs may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of sheds or houses, but metal is another material to consider. Whether you choose vertical panels or square shingles, metal is great for a number of reasons. For starters, it easily withstands bad weather. It has extremely high wind resistance and can even be stacked on top of pre-existing roofing materials. Lightweight metals make for great cost-effective options, but they can get noisy during storms – consider steel instead. Steel panels are even more wind and storm resistant, with an extremely long service life.


Wood is an attractive, durable roofing material. It may have a higher initial cost compared to asphalt or other materials, but it has an exceptionally long life in arid climates. It is also extremely attractive. Wood shingles are an efficient way to increase appeal when selling your property. Otherwise, they are easy to replace compared to metal or mud roofs, where you may need professional installation.

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