UGE completes nearly 250-kW community solar project on New York affordable housing apartment complex

UGE debuted its new rooftop solar project at Tuckahoe Housing Authority. The project will provide on-site clean energy to residents’ housing in Westchester County’s affordable housing complex.

“Community solar is a win-win for everyone involved, allowing Tuckahoe Housing Authority to produce clean energy on their rooftops, lower their energy costs and carbon emissions, and pass those savings on to residents,” said Mateo Chaskel, General Manager of UGE USA. “UGE is proud to provide funding so housing authorities have no upfront costs to make the switch to solar.”

Tuckahoe Housing Authority will receive annual lease payments to host the solar project on top of its properties, which are home to more than 300 residents. With the community solar project, the housing authority will also see savings reflected in its utility bills. UGE will own, operate and maintain the system throughout the life of the project, relieving the housing authority of any operational risk.

“Our goal has always been to provide residents with safe, affordable housing, and clean, cheap energy is an important aspect supporting this mission,” said Irina Matveevskii, Executive Director of the Tuckahoe Housing Authority. “UGE has made it easy for the community to transition to solar and we are excited to see the benefits it brings to our community.”

The project was supported by NYSERDA’s $1.8 billion NY-Sun initiative, which aims to advance solar scaling and move the state closer to a sustainable, self-sustaining solar industry.

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