Utah landfill converted to 4.7-MW solar project with Solar FlexRack’s concrete ballast foundation

Prometheus Power built a 4.7 MW community solar project in Spanish Fork, Utah using Solar FlexRack’s Series B cast-in-place mounting solution with ballast on a 27-hectare landfill that was unsuitable for commercial development. The project is operated by Utah Municipal Power Agency and represents the largest landfill solar project in the state.

Credit: Solar FlexRack

This is Solar FlexRack’s first project in Utah and is expected to be operational in the summer of 2021, generating enough clean energy to power nearly 3,000 homes.

There has been an almost 80% increase in the number of solar landfill projects in the United States in the past five years. Landfills converted to solar energy generally do not allow penetration into the land area of ​​the site, as the mounting and foundation technology must be light enough to meet all site regulations.

Solar FlexRack’s Series B CIP mounting technology was chosen for this project because of its adaptable block sizes and the two-support system that reduces block thickness.

“With a growth trajectory set out for Utah by legislative and regulatory agencies, we look forward to supporting the efficient and cost-effective execution of more renewable energy projects in the state,” said Steve Daniel, EVP of sales and marketing at Solar FlexRack. “EPCs, developers, project owners and utilities can rely on our robust project support services and reliable technology to mitigate risk and maximize savings for their projects.”

This community solar project will not only convert into a productive clean energy generation field, but also provide savings for subscribed local residents and create 50 jobs.

“We are delighted to partner with Solar FlexRack, who have provided cradle-to-grave project support as well as the precise, high-performance mounting product needed to execute our vision for this high-impact solar project in a landfill,” said Brok Thayn by Prometheus Power.

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