Warning as roofing company tries to scam Beckenham residents

A “highly suspicious” roofing company is reportedly operating in the Beckenham area, charging residents tens of thousands of pounds for minimal repairs.

The Bromley Council has issued a warning in recent days following reports from at least two residents responding to an advertising leaflet or an unsolicited phone call.

The residents, who are not named, were asked for a total of £60k, which required little work.

Trading Standards Officers were on hand to question four alleged traders along with the police.

As the investigation continues, the address of the North London company, Surefix Roofing & Construction, which is suspected to be false, is being disclosed.

Trading Standards asks for any information that can assist with the ongoing investigation.

Councilor Angela Page, Executive Councilor for Public Protection and Enforcement and SCAMbassador, said: “Thank you to the alert residents who contacted our Trading Standards team to draw our attention to this.

“As we know that older residents are particularly targeted because they are perceived as more vulnerable, you should bring this to the attention of older friends or relatives.

“It is deeply disturbing to people who have unknowingly paid a rogue trader, often large sums of money, for work that is unnecessary or excessive.

“Be very suspicious of anyone you don’t know, especially if they just knock on your door or put a flyer through your door. Check and compare prices.”

Trade standards advise residents not to deal with door-to-door callers or contact merchants from the flyers being delivered without doing thorough checks beforehand.

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