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Composition roofing is a cost-effective roofing material for residential or commercial buildings. Shingles are made from slate, laminate, fiberglass, asphalt or other recycled products. This man-made material is available in various designs and colors. At Christian Roofing, we use the latest composite roofing technology on single-family homes, apartment buildings, condominiums and commercial structures.

What are the benefits of composite roofing?

Composite roofing was developed in the 20th century as an affordable and durable building material. Since then, manufacturers have routinely improved the design and functionality of composite roofing materials available in the market. We offer various composite roofing solutions for different building sizes and styles. Customers prefer composite roof shingles for their durability, visual appeal and versatility. Because composite roofing is a technical product, manufacturers have found ways to include qualities such as water and fire resistance. The benefits of composite roofing include:

  • Fire resistant
  • Long service life (up to 30-50 years)
  • Resistant to fungi and algae
  • Affordable
  • Less chance of warping or cracking
  • Available in different shapes and colors
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to replace and repair

Whether you want to repair, replace, or upgrade your roof, composite roofing can be a great solution. Book a free quote with our team to learn more about this material and find out if the composition is right for the needs of your home.

Composition roofing for residential and commercial constructions

Composition roof shingles are most often used for residential applications such as single-family homes, cottages, condominiums, apartment buildings and garages. Composite roofing can also be useful for commercial properties with steep slopes or special design considerations. The best way to select the right roofing material for your home is to schedule a free consultation with our team.

Composition Roofing styles

One of the benefits of using composite roofing is the variety of colors, shapes, and styles you can choose from. Composition roofing is available in a variety of shades, including shades of gray, brown, red, green, and black. It is also manufactured in a range of shapes (square, rectangle, diamond, etc.) and sizes to match the character and design of your home.

Dimensional Shingles: Dimensional composition roof shingles have a layered design and provide the look of classic wood, tile or ceramic shingles. Dimensional shingles are thicker than traditional shingles and often have a longer life.

Symmetrical or non-symmetrical shingles: Depending on the size and character of your home, you can opt for a traditional symmetrical look or an overlapping irregular pattern. Whether you have a farmhouse, a Spanish villa, a Craftsman home, or a traditional American-style farmhouse, there is an option for a composition roof tile to match the aesthetic of your property.

Dark vs. Light-Colored Shingles: Since composite roofing is available in a wide variety of colors, you can select light color shingles to reflect sunlight and offset your air conditioning costs. Alternatively, dark shingles can be selected for their ability to mimic the look of rich slate tiles.

What are the best installation methods for composite roofs?

Most roofs are made up of multiple layers that work together to provide strength, water resistance and insulation. Depending on the size and age of your roof, shingles form the top layer of your structure. Shingles composition often come in wide strips and are attached to the underlayment with glue, nails or staples. The size and climate of your home may determine the best installation method to support a long life. Read more about mounting and installation techniques by booking a free quote with our team.

Composition Roofing Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, your composition roof shingles can last for 30-50 years. At Christian Roofing, we recommend regular inspections, cleaning and minor repairs to keep problems at bay. During an inspection of the roof covering, our team assesses the age, size and condition of your roof and checks it for:

  • Signs of water damage or leakage
  • Mold, fungus or vegetation
  • Deformation, cracks, discoloration
  • Missing shingles or flashing
  • Rodent or insect damage
  • Structural Problems

Based on our findings, we can recommend six-monthly cleanings or other minor repairs to keep your roof in good condition. Book your free quote today.

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