When is a Retaining Wall Needed?

When is a retaining wall necessary?

Well, you need one if you find there is too much erosion when it rains. If you find too much erosion around your property and it is coming from the upper parts of the slope, then you will need a retaining wall. This ensures that there is no more risk of erosion that could cause your home or other structures around it to collapse.

If there are fault lines in the ground around your property, you will need a retaining wall. The ground will most likely settle a bit with any severe storm. This process can be faster and more dangerous if a disaster such as an earthquake occurs. You need to build a retaining wall to keep the property from collapsing.

The other case when you need a retaining wall is if there is a shifting hill around your property. This often threatens the foundation of structures around the hill. To prevent the structures from falling into a landslide, it is crucial to get a retaining wall.

These are the answers to the question you have asked: when is a retaining wall needed? At Unlimited Drilling we can give you the best design options and answer all your questions about the materials that are best for the project. Get in touch with us today.

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